Dr K.A. Shah Veterinary Clinic

Here, Animals are Loved

Since 1987

Serving you since 1987

Our Vet Clinic is focused on giving the best services in the region with this having been our focus since 1987

Quality Vet Care

Quality Vet care for us starts from the services you receive from our staff to the care ur patients are given 

top-tier facilities

Our facilities range from boarding to a surgical theatre all with an aim of ensuring you get everything in one place.

Who Are We?

We are a medical service business. Our primary task is to solve our client’s pet & livestock medical problems by maintaining the highest standards in veterinary medicine.

We are more than just an animal clinic. Dr. K.A. Shah Veterinary Clinic is a multi-faceted care facility and can be described as follows:


  • Small Animal General Practice Facility
  • Large Animal General Practice Facility
  • Artificial Insemination Service Provider &Fertility Clinic
  • Merchandising Store
  • Boarding Facility
  • Referral and Specialty Clinic, focusing on Internal Medicine

We ensure that our clients receive the best services

We strive to maintain our position as pioneers in the veterinary community on a daily basis.

The Clinic

A clean and reputable Veterinary Clinic that is customer service based. A cohesive orientation and training system that promotes structured growth within the clinic.


Our Staff

A staff that is knowledgeable, courteous, and respectful to our clients and animals/pets,



Caring and efficient reception service. Highly skilled and knowledgeable Doctors who have a love for animals.


Compliance, at every level, with established guidelines and laws from the government and Kenya Veterinary Board.

Quality Care for You

We care for animals both small and large with a wide range of services


Elijah Kosgei Google Review

You're improving my cow's gene day in day out. Very soon I will be on pure pedigree. Thank You Dr. K. A. Shah Vets

Shaun Deeves Google Reviews

Thank you Doctor Shah! Our dog doesn't usually mingle well with new people but he did VERY WELL in your clinic and was also comfortable with you and your staff. The help and support we recieved after our visit was also impeccable and muchly appreciated.

Gogasitti Kim Google Reviews

A good modern clinic for your animals.Offering a variety of veterinary services to clients ranging from small animals to even large Animals. The visit to do a microchip implantation in a dog there was a complete success. am satisfied with his services and professionalism in everything he is doing